Grab a seat while you grab your groceries!

We are very pleased to announce that our friends at Save On Foods have once again stepped up to support our project! Last summer they set up a membership table for us and helped Josh and his membership team sell over 800 memberships in just a few months.

Now, Save On has built a display to help spread awareness our Community Challenge, and encourage their customers to help us take our theatre to the next step by sponsoring a seat or making a donation towards our first digital theatre.

Drop in and try out one of our seats, fill out a donation or seat sponsorship form, or take the forms home to discuss a seat for each member of the family! Your name(s) will be up on our donor plaque for prosperity and a reminder of how you helped create our community cinema.

To raise the remainder of the $150,000 by May 1st we need 264 more people to sponsor a seat, or 660 people to drop off a $100 cheque – or any combination thereof!

Crowd Funding is the secret here folks – if lots of us can make a small donation we can ALL enjoy the next phase of our theatre restoration – not only improved image and sound quality, but access to more modern films, local presentations and perhaps even video games and sports events.

35mm films won’t exist in a few months, so neither can our theatre without a digital system.  Please consider making a small donation or sponsoring a seat – all seat sponsors will have their name on our website, the big screen and eventually on our donar wall once we split our theatre to three screens.

Remember that all cheques should be made out to the City of Nelson (and earmarked in the memo for our project) to be eligible for tax credits.

So next time you are buying your groceries, stop by our new display near the deli and take a seat…. a seat sponsorship form, that is.

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