Today is the day!

It’s May 31st – that must mean it’s proposal delivery day!

At 10AM today, PST, our Nelson Civic Theatre Society proposal will be delivered to the city. Wow, what an incredible journey it has been!

Within the last two months we have:

  • Answered the call from Cindy Sherry to come together and show support for our theatre
  • Identified 16 key individuals who stepped forward to create and head up the society
  • Formed the non-profit Nelson Civic Theatre Society (society status pending)
  • Collected over 4200 supportive responses (online and off) from our community
  • Toured the theatre with trades people, eager community members and our building inspector Mr. John Southam (who, along with many others at the city, we give big thanks)
  • Built a website and facebook presence
  • Researched new audio/video technology, popcorn makers, toilets, lighting and all the other bits and pieces it takes to run a theatre
  • Been given time and support by some amazing local trades people, architects, and volunteers
  • Seen incredible support and “air time” by our local radio and newspaper media
  • Formed relationships with other theatre owners and societies all over British Columbia and beyond
  • Held and drooled over the original blue prints of the Civic Centre from 1935
  • Counted lots of chairs and watched one transformed to fit our space
  • Imagined floor plans, colour schemes, and entertainment offerings
  • Dreamed what a “Nelson Concession” stand could look like
  • and most importantly, heard the memories, dreams, hopes, and best wishes from hundreds of our fellow Nelsonites.

After the proposal has been submitted we must hold our breath and wait. The city will review all the proposals and no doubt select the most appropriate one. Whatever happens, I think everyone on our team would agree that this has been an incredible learning experience and more fun than we could have possibly imagined.

A heartfelt Thank You to every one of you who has supported us, shared with us, and given us your time.

Please stay tuned for updates…

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