Wow, what a night!

A huge thank you to everyone that attended our free movie night and information sessions last night at The Capitol Theatre.

We welcomed 69 new members last night, skyrocketing our membership total to over 790 members! Fate smiled her crooked smile and picked our first public presentation as the night to soar past our second goal of 750 members! From the audience reaction it seems pretty clear that we must now raise the bar again and set our a new goal of 1000 members… 10% of the town!  It’s pretty ambitious (and might put us in the running for the most successful membership drive ever!) but we are up for the challenge! Josh and his team will be outside the Royal bank on Baker Street Wednesdays, Kootenay Co-Op on Fridays, and Save-On Foods on Saturdays, so come on down and buy your membership! Check our Calendar for details.

Last night was a wonderful validation of community support to bring back our cinema, and another huge thanks to everyone involved. Lori, Jason and Darryl did an amazing job organizing the event, Anne and Roger did a great presentation (if I do say so myself), Josh and Cindy looked great in their usher outfits, and Rick helped prevent a near technology disaster. A special thanks to our hosts the Capitol Theatre crew – Eva for publicity, Harvey for his usual friendly help, and all the concession crew. Cinema Paradiso was a beautiful film and really captured the emotion and passion a community cinema can invoke. There’s nothing quite like a room full of people sharing an experience.

All in all, a very successful evening – now we can look forward to the next one!

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